Tulsi Drops (30ml)



OneDrop Tulsi Extract: Revitalize Your Being, Naturally
Unveil the healing touch of nature with OneDrop Tulsi Extract, an embodiment of the revered
Tulsi’s essence. Each drop encapsulates a multitude of health benefits, harmoniously enhancing
your well-being.
Experience relief like never before as Tulsi takes charge of asthma, cough, and sinus infections.
Bid adieu to exhaustion, tension, and depression as its soothing properties weave tranquility into
your life.
Witness the transformation in your mood, uplifted and vibrant, as Tulsi’s magic spreads its aura.
Embrace the escape from anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia, as each drop becomes a source of
Empower your body’s recovery from viral infections, as Tulsi’s potency accelerates the healing
process. With OneDrop Tulsi Extract, welcome a holistic approach to health, effortlessly
incorporating its benefits into your daily regimen. Rediscover the essence of vitality, drop by drop.

Weight 30 g

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