Thyme Drops (30ml)

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The ease of cooking – Thyme Drops

Used across the Globe in number of Cuisines – it can be used for seasoning for any kind of dish or a part of the blend with other herbs.

Each drop contains the pronounced, concentrated herbal flavor with sharp essence grass, wood and floral notes.

Masala Drops Thyme are organically picked Thyme herbs to retain the goodness that creates magic in your kitchen, while help you maintain your bone health, too.

Just squeeze and add one drop per portion to your food or drink as it finishes cooking and is served at the table, giving your culinary range that extra punch!

Masala Drops Thyme – A dash of goodness


Use in Drinking Water
5-6 drops in a bottle of water or 2-3 drops in a glass of water and drink everyday.

Use in Hot Water
2-3 drops in a glass of water (200 ml) and drink twice or thrice a day.

Use in Cooking
Add 5 to 10 drops or 0.5ml or more as required depending on the dish and quantity prepared. Combine with other drops if required.

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