Instant Dosa Mix for Weightloss (350gm)

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Introducing our Classic Chettinaad Instant Weightloss Dosa Instant Mix, a game-changer for all health-conscious individuals looking to shed those extra pounds without compromising on taste. With our unique blend of high-quality ingredients, this instant mix makes it easier than ever to prepare a delicious and nutritious dosa in no time.
🍽🥗 Prepare a wholesome meal with our Instant Weightloss Dosa Instant Mix that is not only low in calories but also packed with essential nutrients to support your weight loss journey.
🌾 Made with a combination of healthy grains and flours, such as ragi, oats, and lentils, this instant mix offers a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fiber, keeping you fuller for longer and curbing untimely cravings.
💪 Boost your metabolism with the goodness of natural ingredients like fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds, which are known to aid in digestion and accelerate fat burning.
🌱 Our Instant Weightloss Dosa Instant Mix is free from any artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugars, ensuring a wholesome and guilt-free eating experience.
How to use:
1) How to Use:Mix together 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup curd 1 cup Dosa Mix. Rest for 15 min.
2) Make Crisp Dosa in tava. .
3) Serve with spicy coconut chutney
Shelf Life: 180 Days.

Weight 350 g

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