Hill Honey (500gm)

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Versatile Delight: If you are Person looking for Raw and Natural Honey the here are Amrutha’s range of honey harvested in authentic way by helping the nature and the farmers
Benefits ofk Hill Honey :Hill Honey has got anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it heals wounds which are caused from infections, bed sore, ulcers, surgery, abrasion, etc. It acts as a wonderful cure for sunburn too.Wild honey is an awesome antiseptic, that it restricts the growth of harmful micro-organisms.It heals sore throats by acting as a soothing agent and helps in curing cough.Being a proven fact, wild honey helps those who are suffering from respiratory issues (especially upper).It helps in preventing allergic symptoms and heals allergies absolutely – consuming two tablespoon of raw honey twice a day completely kicks out allergic season away.It is good for having glossy skin. It cures acne problems, heals premature ageing.Consuming honey with warm water in the morning in the empty stomach helps to reduce weight.
Consuption: A small spoon in Morning empty stomach or before bed will give good result

Weight 500 g

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