Garlic Drops (30ml)

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Garlic Drops – Cooking made easy!

We know how time consuming – peeling, cutting and crushing can be and thus we have created the garlic extract that lets you enjoy the full heady aroma and taste of garlic in your dishes, without getting your hands dirty.

With the help of Masala Drops Garlic – you can make your dish aromatic and flavorful and the essence of garlic in a drop ensures that cooking has the right flavors making you the expert in your kitchen. The goodness of garlic is to relieve you of your stress and fatigue.

Just add a few drops of the extract to your ready meal, based on your taste.


Best Use with Honey
2-3 drops in a glass of 100ML water with 1 spoon of Natural Honey.

Use in Cooking
Add 5 to 10 drops or 0.5ml or more as required depending on the dish and quantity prepared. Combine with other drops if required.

Use in Soups / Herbal Juices
Add 2– 3 drops to a bowl of soup /Herbal glass of Juice

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