Cardamom Drops

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Cardamom Drops – The joy of cooking!
We bring you the century old spice in a drop. A must to have in every Indian kitchen! Its distinctive flavor will add compliments for both sweet and savory dishes.
Handpicked and organically grown – each drop contains the original warm, highly aromatic flour of Cardamoms. Add it to your Curries, Desserts as well as to your favourite tea or coffee mix and helps to improve your blood circulation and detoxification.
Just squeeze and add one drop per portion to your food or drink as it finishes cooking and is served at the table, giving your culinary range that extra punch!
Masala Drops Cardamom – A dash of goodness
Best Use with Honey
2-3 drops in a glass of 100ML water with 1 spoon of Natural Honey.
Use in Green / Black Tea
2-3 drops in a cup of tea. Make Masala tea, Ginger tea, Detox tea with just few drops.
Use in Masala Tea
2-3 drops in a cup of tea (120 ml) after pouring tea in the cup. Combine with other drops as required.
Use in Juices / Smoothies
5 – 10 drops to a glass of fruit juice or smoothie and naturally flavour them.
Use in Cooking
Add 5 to 10 drops or 0.5ml or more as required depending on the dish and quantity prepared. Combine with other drops if required.

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